We’re a small team and we’re obsessed with brewing craft kombucha with impact.

Jaz Hereford,

Gabriël Bijleveld,

Tom Sifrin,

Lily Mengyao.

It was a peeked interest in DIY fermentation, quickly escalating into an all out obsession. Brewing kombucha became a way to gather friends together and share new creations.

2020 left us, like many, stuck indoors and stir-crazy. Degrow lab became our silver lining, our thing to intently focus on. We realized that our passions for sustainability, community, and fermentation are not only connected, but they mutually reinforce one another. We decided we wanted to make a mission driven company that worked to strengthen the roots in our community. We buy local, sell local, and happen to make really good kombucha.

Our name derives from the degrowth movement, which is about using less resources while at the same time increasing wellbeing. Pursuing prosperity over profit. The name is a reminder to us that we want to operate differently than the norm. We grow together, while respecting the limits of our planet.