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Degrow lab is a Dutch kombucha

Microbrewery. We are obsessed with brewing

craft kombucha, while also determined to

run our company according to principles of sustainability.


What is kombucha?


Quite literally kombucha is fermented tea created by a community of yeast and bacteria cultures working symbiotically together. The yeast metabolize sugar creating alcohol, and the acetobacter turn that alcohol into acid. The finished product is bubbly, non-alcoholic, and chocked full of good stuff like B vitamins, organic acids, and antioxidants.


Our production practices are deeply rooted in community and cooperation. Operating out of Voedselstation, a cooperative food factory, we thrive on the support and collaboration of like-minded individuals who share our passion for sustainability and quality.

Our kombucha brewing process involves two stages of fermentation. The first stage combines tea, sugar, and water, while the second allows us the creative freedom to infuse our kombucha with an array of flavors, enabling us to tell unique stories through our diverse offerings. By using high-quality organic teas and cane sugar, we ensure that every batch of our kombucha meets the highest standards, reflecting our commitment to both exceptional taste and responsible production.